28 November 2016

Set Kulit Shaklee; Mengapa ianya menjadi kegemaran ramai

This is my most FAVOURITE SET. Killer set saya la katakan :D

Sejak consume ni set setahun yg lepas baaaanyak perubahan saya rasa sama diri saya.

1. Jerawat sangat JARANG KELUAR kecuali time saya teda tidur satu malam

2.  Tenaga memang TIP TOP. Jarang rasa penat dan banyak kerja saya boleh kasi siap 1 hari

3.  Kesihatan makin bagus, jarang demam and kalau demam pun 1-2 hari sembuh sudaa...dulu2 sebelum Shaklee mau 1 minggu demam kdg2 lebih...rimas baaa...

…dan yg paling best, parut2 saya yg sudah bertapak selama bertahun-tahun semakin pudarrr Description: https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f2/1/16/1f60d.png

Sebab tu set kulit Shaklee ni produk yang hot!

So sesiapa berhajat untuk mendapatkan kesan yang sama bolehlah contact saya di nombor 011 1072 0792 yerr. Ingat, Shaklee saja yg mampu bagi effect camni hebat J

Hubungi 011 1072 0792
Pengedar Shaklee KK-Ranau
COD area Ranau  


6 November 2016

Arnab Village Homestay, Ranau, Sabah: How to get there?

Fancy for some fluffy cuddles on the weekend? If yes, then you should really put Arnab Village as your 'next-places-to-visit' list immediately. 

I went there once. Well, as a Ranau-ian with a mountain of ego, I feel that I HAVE to know the place. I HAVE to show the way. That ego actually brought me to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, so, well, it isn't that bad huh?

So, back to the topic, it's actually not that hard to find the place. You can get there successfully only by following the signboards,  but, if you insist on getting the instruction, you're welcome to read the caption in each of my photos :)

Please bear in mind that this is only applicable if you're driving from Kota Kinabalu, not Sandakan. 

Only 10 minutes drive from Pekan Kundasang (approximately 6km before Ranau Town) this is the first sign that tells you're on the right tract. :D

Just on the other side of the road after the first sign, you'll see the junction to Kibbas Mohimboyon Village, drive towards it.

This is how the view and the road look like.

You'll experience some stony journey, but it isn't that bad. Keep driving untillllll.....

.....you see this. Except the Myvi lol. The junction to Purakagis Village, the village where the Arnab sanctuary is actually located. It is on the left side of the road, drive towards it (turn left) and you'll find your way to your destination.

There will be cute signboards along the way, you won't lost :D

This is the hardest part. But it is passable.

And tadaaaaa....after the dangerous bridge, you finally reach your destination! :D

You can stay there starting from RM80 per night, and the facilities are excellent. And since Ranau is very famous for its beautiful intact nature, please don't expect any fancy clubs or big shopping malls here. Hehe :) Enjoy the nature and forget the busyness of your city life :)

Enjoy the rabbits! :)

14 March 2016

Healing Crisis

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I post something on here isn’t it? Pffft, my English is a bit rusty nowadays, I have no idea why. Well, if one episode of Game of Thrones everyday is the only source where I get my daily doses of English, I shouldn’t question why it becomes rustier each day, eh? Oh, how I miss the old days where I could finish one season of drama in one sitting! Now my life is all about assignments, practicum, pupils, and Action Research. I hate growing up.

Am I the only one that thinks they are doppelganger? Left is Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones and right is Sasha Saidin; a Malaysian actress.

Anyway, my lifestyle nowadays has done me no good. With all that unhealthy lifestyle and eating habit, my skin started to show my unhealthy self. Kulit kusam dan jerawat uollsssss! Stress I! So I started consuming Set Kulit Cantik Shaklee; Vita C, Vita E and Alfalfa but it only works for like 2 months and then my face became worse than before! I alllllmostttt give up you know…Thank goodness my upline has never gave up on me. She kept on telling me that I am actually experiencing 'Healing Crisis'; where my body is eliminating all the accumulated toxin inside my organs...eeew...*imagine your intestines with years of wasted food* 


                                                                          You see, you see!

So, believing that I was experiencing 'Healing Crisis", I got creative with my vitamins. I wasn't only swallowing it, but I made it as my weekly face mask (sometimes daily, if I rajin) and scrub as well! It was good! Pimples semua kering...(Bingung kan tidak buat dari awal) I was so satisfied that I bought the Enfuselle face cream not long after. Hohoho...

...and tadaaaaa! After 5 freaking months of non-stop effort! Hahaha...Terlalu bertoksik badan saya.

My skin is getting better everyday! I am so grateful that I didn't give up early. Thank you uplineku sebab tidak putus asa sama saya! :D :D :D You see, natural supplement memang lambat kesan dia tapi kesan dia PASTI! Apa-apapun, yang penting SELAMAT....

Ladies, if you are facing the same problem, feel free to contact me! Who knows this is the solution you have been searching for...better try than never! :D

Facebook : Amanda Gaby Peter
Whatsapp : 010 952 4902
Instagram : @shakleeagentkkranau

5 March 2016

Baguskah buat bisnes Shaklee?

Kalau saya kira-kira, hari ini hampir 7 bulan saya bersama dengan Shaklee. Sepanjang 7 bulan ini, saya boleh cakap yang kehidupan saya berubah 90 peratus berbanding sebelumnya. Amboii, yakin oh kan. Haha...Kenapa saya cakap begini?? 

Baiklah, sila baca satu persatu kenapa saya sangat bahagia join keluarga besar Shaklee ini. Mula-mula, saya join member memang saya tiada niat untuk menjual, setakat guna sendiri saja. Tapiiii, sebagai seorang pelajar yang sentiasa kesempitan setiap hujung bulan, saya bertekad untuk mencuba bisnes Shaklee ini. Eihhh bukan senang saya pujuk diri saya tau...Saya MALU, SEGAN, dan TAKUT AKAN REJECTION pada mulanya. Tapi, saya fikir "siapa pula yang bagi saya beras??" Tiba-tiba saya rasa sangat bersemangat! Laju-laju saya iklan di Facebook yang saya ini seorang Pengedar Shaklee. Tidak fikir panjang tu...main berani saja. Saya tidak sangka sambutan dia sangatlah menggalakkan! Ramai rupanya yang mau Shaklee ni...

So saya mulalah mengiklan segala produk-produk Shaklee di Facebook saya. Bulan pertama saja, saya sudah dapat bonus RM200+.....Saya sangatttt happy waktu tu. Yala, walaupun tidak banyak tapi cukup untuk membantu saya survive hujung bulan sebelum elaun masuk. Lama-lama saya kesiekkan.  Hahaha..Apa tidak siek kalau dapat bonus, pengetahuan nutrisi, sama kawan baru...Untung saya rasa masuk family Pollux. Tambahan lagi, keluarga Shaklee saya merupakan keluarga Shaklee terbesar di sabah, mereka banyak memberi tunjuk ajar dan tips kepada saya untuk meningkatkan sales saya. Memang saya tidak menyesal bayar RM69. Pulangan yang saya dapat sudah 650%. Haha. 

Okay, kalau ada yang berminat mau UBAH KEHIDUPAN KE ARAH YANG LEBIH  BAIK, contact saya. Kelebihan join under keluarga Shaklee kami ialah, kamu akan diberi tunjuk ajar habis habisan oleh boss boss Shaklee yang sudah berjaya. Jadi, choose your business mentor wisely! :D 

Your Shaklee Independent Distributor,
SID: 1210414
Whatsapp/Telegram: 010-9524902

23 September 2015

How I transformed my skin in two weeks

After being stranded for 9 hours at the top of the mountain 3 months ago, my skin turned from an ‘okay state’ to terrible. It was badly burned; I think it burned until the deepest layer of my skin, something that I have never experienced before.

I tried so many things to cure it, from putting aloe vera gel to buying a new face cream; the result was disappointing. It worked, of course, but too slow I couldn’t bear to wait. Not to mention the healthy pimples that inhabited my face so happily!

One day, I saw this ad about Set Kulit Shaklee on my facebook feed, I was interested. I was desperate and started to lose confidence so I contacted the seller (my upline now) and I immediately ordered Vita C Plus and Alfalfa Complex from her. Well, no harm trying, right? Shaklee is famous with its natural ingredients, so, at least I’ll be healthier even if my skin does not become better. Fortunately, I still have my Vita E Complex (I bought over a year ago, haha) so my Set Kulit Shaklee is quite complete.

Then, after two weeks, I started getting good compliments from the people around me. “Kenapa ko makin putih?” was the phrase that I heard everyday. Eiseh. But yeah. I didn’t realize it actually. Yala, hari-hari saya tengok muka saya, macam itu-itu juga. When I look at my selfies 2 weeks before, adada, punya kusam pula kulit saya! So, tanpa membuang masa, saya terus mendaftar jadi member, because I want to share the goodness of Shaklee with my friends and family! Kenapa mau siok-siok saturang kan? Benda baik harus share J
Kamu bila lagi? :D

21st September 2015

Amanda Gabrielle Peter
SID: 1210414